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Lost Wax Casting Process

The Lost Wax Casting process is pouring molten metal into a mold created with wax. Once the metal is poured, it melts and drains away the wax, replacing it with the metal you poured. It is a process that requires precision, chemistry and years of experience as many things can go wrong during each stage.

Roberto Vengoechea has been a designer for 50 years. He moved to the U.S. from Colombia in 1968 and settled in Miami, Florida. He worked for a family friend where he was trained to design waxes and later set out on his own designing waxes for the jewelry trade. Back in those days he was nicknamed the ‘Wax Man” as he could create a complicated wax within 2 hours. During that time he learned all facets of the jewelry trade, including casting, stone setting and rubber mold making, an art in and of itself.  Roberto and his wife, June, moved to Black Mountain, North Carolina in 1996 and opened their gallery, Visions of Creation.

At Visions of Creation, we specialize in turning your vision into a unique, one-of-a-kind creation utilizing this Lost Wax Casting process.  

Step 1 - Turning a vision into a drawing
Step 2 - Creating a wax mold
Step 3 - Lost Wax Casting 

Pouring molten metal into a wax mold that then melts the wax, creating a cast.  The short slideshow below demonstrates the casting process. It is a slideshow we use during our Studio Tours where visitors can also see and touch tools, sample wax models, and see a sample jewelry piece created from start to finish.  Roberto explains each step of the process in more detail and answers questions.  Interested in a studio tour? Contact Us.

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