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Roberto Vengeochea

Master Designer of Fine Jewelry

An interview with Roberto and June:

Roberto Vengoechea was born and raised in Colombia, South America, of Indian and Spanish-Basque ancestry.  He immigrated to America as a young man, learning his craft while living in Florida.  In Florida he met his wife, June (from Scotland) and together they relocated to Black Mountain, North Carolina to be closer to the unique arts and crafts scene.

Roberto’s designs feature sophisticated, contemporary fine jewelery consisting of unique square-shank rings, cast in precious metals using fine gemstones and diamonds. His creations have often been referred to as “Dali-esque”, referencing Salvador Dali.


What sets him apart from other designers is his unique ability to combine old world mastery (in wax sculpting) with futuristic and unconventional three-dimensional shapes using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Vengoechea blends his own formula of pure 24 karat gold to create his own 14K "Green Gold" color (the same color as 18K).

One of his signature and copyright series is the Mountain Ring, Mountain Pendant and Mountain Earring set, created just for Black Mountain enthusiasts.

Carolina Designer Craftsmen
Handmade in America
Piedmont Craftsmen

Southern Highland Craft Guild

Articles and Features:
Ashevile Made Feature about Roberto

Asheville Made Magazine

June 2018

by Paul M. Howey

"From the First Day, His Career Was Set in Stone"

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