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Custom, Unique, One-of-a-Kind Fine Jewelry Process
Get started on your handcrafted jewelry design

About Roberto

Designer, Roberto Vengoechea, is originally from Colombia, South America. He immigrated to the USA as a young man to Miami, Florida where he learned and honed his craft skills.  He and his wife, June, have been in Black Mountain for over 20 years where they have grown both personally and professionally.  Their first store was 10x10!  To learn more about Roberto, click here.


In-House Design

All custom jewelry is made by Roberto Vengoechea.  Jewelry is not designed by anyone else, by machine or sent off to any third party designers.   Each piece is 100% made by Roberto.  

One of a Kind

All jewelry designed by Roberto is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.  How?  Roberto maintains a copy of every wax model and a photo of every design.  Clients often base their design on other existing designs but then tweak their piece by changing the stone or slightly modifying the design.  


We can use client's stones or ours. Clients often want to incorporate old jewelry into new designs for memorabilia, sentimentality or simply to have a new design.

Time Required and Pricing

We work with your schedule.  Designs can be completed within 24 hours of wax approval and dependent upon current custom order schedule.  Custom jewelry design starts at $350 for sterling silver.  Roberto designs both men's jewelry and women's jewelry.

Step 1 - Consultation
What is your Vision?

1. Start with a free, no obligation consultation in person or by phone.

2.  Tell us what you're looking for or envision. 


What is the purpose (celebration, birthday, engagement, just because you love our designs).

Tell us the style or look you are seeking - we can design something different from our collection or your concept.

3. Then pick your stones and/or material. We can use your stones or ours.

4. We will provide a quick estimate so you can get started!

Need ideas?

All the jewelry on this site is custom designed by Roberto.

Take a look around and get inspired!

Step 2 - Drawing and Wax Model

We start with a simple drawing and then create a wax for your approval.  (Visit our Lost Wax Process page to learn more).  We do this to ensure fit and look and style. If you are commissioning the design for someone else, we ask that you know their ring size or can bring in a ring they wear.

Step 3 - Creation

Designer, Roberto, then gets to work - the entire process can be completed within 24 hours and dependent upon custom order schedule.  We often get visitors who didn't plan on having custom jewelry made.  They visit the store and desire to have their piece when they return home. We understand and can work with your needs.

To learn more about the Lost Wax Method we use to pour the molten material and design your unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry, visit our Lost Wax Process page.

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